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Secure Business System 100%.

Secure Business System specialises in providing our clients and agency partners with interesting, influential and incredibly impressive outdoor advertising solutions to help awesome brands connect with their viewers using captivating and engaging marketing messages. Our product design convert from a mobile LED screen advertising billboard to a super impressive big LED display for events!

Passionate about ideas and creativeness, we provide impressive and effective brand encounters and immersive promotion strategies.

Our interactive advertising networks offer to reach to specific target audiences in a new and impressive way by allowing instant access to displayed promotions. Our fully interactive media touch screens are placed in busy, ideal places. This provides a unique opportunity to promote your business to everyone within geographical locations.

In order to provide these services in a joyful manner, our skilled professionals utilize impressive ideas and latest technique. Further, we invest in to provide these services at market leading prices with zero complaints from clients'end.

Our services are reliable and timely executed by our skilled team. Moreover, our experts work in close coordination and as per our client’s specific demand.

Business Growth

We know that starting a new business in today’s time can be tough. That is why we are here to you’re your business grow to great heights.


Through our constant guidance and support, we make sure that your startup thrives on a model of growth that is sustainable in all connotations of growth!


We strive to ensure that the ventures we promote deliver a high level of performance not just financially but morally, ethically and socially as well.



Outdoor Advertising is one of the most effective and reliable types of advertising available to businesses today. And it’s more powerful and more appropriate than ever! Whether you want to create a buzz, reach full of viewers or direct locals to your door, find out how outdoor media can help you achieve your goal. Secure Business System is an online platform to connect media buyers and sellers with marketplace applications enabling faster, smarter and better media planning and buying. We bring the entire media sales process online so the brands can discover advertising possibilities, connect with media owners and plan their entire Adverting campaigns on a single system. That means fewer e-mails, less telephone phone calls and a quicker turn-around. Led by enthusiastic problem-solvers and supported by top investors, our team is consists of individuals with comprehensive experience in advertising, media planning, business and technology.

WHY DO YOU USE Secure Business System

High Volume Locations

Undivided Attention of the audience

Greater Reception in a casual and relaxed atmosphere

Extended viewing up to one to two minutes

Ads are read 95 – 100% of the time

No tuning out, trashing or turning pages

Memorization: 84% remember ad details

Audience targeted specifically by matching customers.


Our mission is to elevate the entire out-of-home medium, by connecting advertisers with the best resources, viewers, enhancements, and people in the company. Our dedication is to always be out front and before the bend, assisting our customers grows and prospers by placing them at the center of everything we do. We accept change and take the lead in creating new markets, new formats, and new opportunities. We put clean thinking and impressive ways to work in all elements of our company – from digital networks, to social and mobile integration, to improved business practices. Secure Business System approach allows and motivates the receiver to catch the concept and take that information with them to be considered again. We implement a number of methods to achieve our client’s desired target.


Who we are?

It is our privilege to introduce ourselves as Secure business system advertisenment agency, an Outside Media division of Secure business system, one of the major companies in out-of- Home Media, Print Media, Online Media and Digital Media, offering affordable marketing solutions to Corporate Companies, Organizations and Medium Enterprises. The Company eyes the vision of becoming one of the reputed and well-known Ad Agency by satisfying our client’s needs and offering our useful customers the best quality results using our skills and rich experience of marketing.

What do we do?

Our dictum is to better deliver the needs of a variety of Clients and to help people and businesses realize their full potential. To this end, we offer round-the-clock services at a place and time of your convenience to discuss product display and promotion. Our team of experienced advertisers guarantees the efficient performance of corporate outdoor campaigns to maximize product value. In the process, we try towards developing a long long-term relationship with our partners – Clients, Vendors, Landlords and the Government.


Our goal is to take the manual, repetitive drudgery out of the way so buyers and sellers can spend more of their day doing what they do best. As one of the last mass mediums, outdoor continues to be a primary channel for delivering targeted advertising straight to customers. Outside advertising disrupts, not interrupts, with sophisticated measurement and insights you can be sure your campaign will be effective and accountable.

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What is the key Takeway ?

Why the Advertisers associate with ? Secure business system is specialists in outside advertising. We can help you plan and apply advertising initiatives. We provide affordable services which will not build a lot of burden on your pocket as our screen quality sound are amazing and all you will get at a cost-effective price. We have several years of experience and we can also provide valuable information which will help you to make any event memorable one. We can provide an unforgettable experience for you as well as your potential customers.

Why will it work ?

As customers dozen to make the most of this offer, there is a surge in simultaneously boosting a brand's image. By roping in the customer, this interactive environment makes a strong campaign. The word spreads like quick-fire across the neighbourhood as more and more people discover advantages. - A Extremely effective Product Catalyst!

Consumers look for manufacturers to believe in; manufacturers which get them to feel like they're a portion of. We provide customers with the opportunity to take an active aspect in a brand's advertisement campaign. We believe our innovative method offers promoters a larger opportunity in the market. Imagine 500 LED outside DOORSTEP (to start with) in every city, growing an email, acting as your powerful brand catalyst.

Embodying Brands

The advertisement is the major aspect of marketing which is necessary to promote any product and services in the market. So to assist you in any event or occasion you need a LED Screen. We don’t believe in fake promises. In addition, we have a highly professional team who are completely friendly and well-mannered and always prepared to answer any of concerns related to outdoor LED advertising campaign. Our expert group are able to deal with any kind of big occasion we provide LED screen with a high-quality and reliable service which you cannot imagine. Our organization provides remarkable services. Our Outdoor LED Screen & Inside LED Screen which can add appeal in any of your occasion whether it could be a political rally, wedding, birthday parties or any corporate meeting in all these places our LED Screen can be a good substitute for your advertising.


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Office No.413, 4th FLoor, Mansrover plaza, Madhyam Marg, Nr. KV-5, Mansrover, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302020

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